Hey!, My name is Clarence

I am a Digital Photographer originally from New Orleans, LA but currently residing in Gonzales, LA. I accept work in the Southeastern region of Louisiana. 

Becoming a professional photographer was not my initial plan. I began in 2005 taking pictures of Architectural Design for school research projects. Portraiture Photography was an accident, or a calling, depending on how you view it. A classmate of mine asked me to photograph his friend, it was a success, and everyone was pleased with the end product. Then, I gained more experience taking portraits of other people by word of mouth. 

I currently shoot with a Canon camera body and Canon and Sigma lenses. My primary lighting gear is Godox lighting equipment. Greater detail is available if requested.

My architectural background and passion for Portraiture have given me a different view of photography than others in the industry. I have always been into most forms of design since I can remember. My primary market in photography is now Portraiture; however, I have experience in many different photography styles. E-commerce Sessions, Small Weddings, Branding, and Boudoir are available upon request.

I am looking forward to creating with people and putting together some great frozen moments.

My Standard Gear

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What is your favorite genre of Photography?

If you view my portfolio of work you can tell that my taste changes from season to season. Right now I'm actually into wedding detail photography.

What keeps you inspired outside of Photography?

Fashion, Artwork, my Marriage, Sneaker Culture, History, and of course Architecture.

If I could relocate to anywhere in the world were would it be?

I've also wanted to explore the different parts of Africa. spend a few months there to learn about other cultures and architecture.

What do I like to do besides Photography?

spend time with my wife, research random things, do fitness activities, and eat good food.

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I was super nervous and you calmed my nerves, even if you did not know it. Throughout the shoot, you kept the atmosphere fun, which also helped my nerves. You were respectful at all times and gave me really good constructive criticism throughout the shoot. You had your own visions for the shoot, but you always asked if I had any ideas and gave me opportunities to do my own thing. Overall it was an amazing experience and I would recommend anyone to come shoot with you!

1 / 5